Wearing: JBrand Jean Jacket from Aritzia, Crop Top from Free People, Skirt from H&M, Black Vans.

Soo.. I just realized in my last post, I was wearing a red top, like I am today. I apologize for my lack of variety and creativity with outfits. But in my defense, it was about 3 weeks ago. Which brings me to the reason for my second apology; my absence from blogging. When I started this blog in January, I was pretty good about posting but now I barely do anymore. I hope to get back into posting more often! (: 

How's school going you might ask? (Or not..) It's stressful as hellll. Working on getting my SAT scores up, filling out college applications and writing essays, keeping my gpa up, maintaining somewhat of a social life AND (attempting) to keep up with my blog & youtube. Yes, so much going on. Not to mention there's a bunch of senior activities that are going on now; senior photos, quotes for the yearbook, raising money for project graduation, the list goes on and on. But anyways, enough about me and complain about school per usual, I hope you all are enjoying your times at school! 

xoxo, Zoe.

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Ribbet collage
Wearing: Tee from Urban Outfitters, Jeans from Abercrombie, White Converse, Backpack from  American Apparel.

Today was my last first day of high school. Wow, that sounds crazy to even say (well, type). All throughout the day I was walking around in the halls wondering where the upperclassmen were until I realized that I was the upperclassmen. So weird. With being a senior means applying to colleges, getting my senior photos taken, and preparing to leave the nest. I'm excited to see what's to come this school year. 

My classes today were pretty easygoing, mostly just setting up the iPads the school provided which took forever because our teachers are (a little) technology challenged. Hope you're all having a pleasant back to school experience! 

Also, check out my video if you want to see what I wore for my first week back to school! 

xoxo, Zoe.

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