Today is July 20th, which means I'm 17..woah. I remember my 'sweet sixteen' like it was last week but a full year has passed, and what a year it was. I liked being 16, it was nice but I'm super excited to finally be 17. As my history teacher said, "it's the perfect age, you can get into rated R movies & do stupid illegal shit without going to prison". Pretty accurate I think. (: This year I'm spending my birthday alone in NYC since my parents are back home and my friends weren't able to visit, so it's just going to be me and a bunch of food. Personally, I'm not that upset, there's still so much to do in the city and I know we'll be celebrating when I get home in a week. It's hard to believe my adventures are coming to an end already but I'm ready to go back to the cooler climates back home. Hope you're staying cool & hydrated! (:
xoxo, Zoe.

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Hello! Currently writing from NYC & boy is it HOT here! Lately it's been in the mid-high 90's, it's ridiculous. But despite the heat, I'm seriously loving it here, especially my classes! Still trying to figure out how to film videos or shoot outfits as I'm here one my own without a tripod..oh well, I'll think of something. Also, I've been posting a ton on Instagram of my trip so far so make sure to follow me (@zoelei)! Hope you're enjoying your summer so far & I shall talk to you soon! 
xoxo, Zoe. 

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Wearing: Crop top from iwearsin, Shorts from American Apparel, Belt from H&M, Converse, Bandana from Target. 

Sorry for posting this so late, it was ridiculously hot & humid today so I wanted to wait until it cooled down to shoot these photos. Hope you all had an eventful 4th of July, mine was full of food, heat, fireworks, and more food! Currently, I'm just finishing up packing for NYC tomorrow (procrastination at its best). I leave bright & early which means I should already be asleep, oops! I hope to be posting more looks soon so stay tuned & feel free to follow me on Instagram (@zoelei) for updates! (: 

xoxo, Zoe. 

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