Wearing: Sweater from Urban Outfitters, Skirt from Brandy Melville, Oxfords from ALDO.
Quick outfit post; attempting to keep this short to avoid any typos from my lack of sleep. Now that we're through the first month of school, classes are legit. (Not that they weren't before, but now the work load is really starting to pile up). -- Finally becoming a regular at Starbucks. 

On another note, I find myself feeling compelled to wear florals in the fall; even more so than the in the spring or summer. Something about dark-colored floral prints mixed with sweaters and tights just sounds particularly pleasing to me. This skirt, with elements of green & burgundy (my two favorite colors to wear for fall) is the perfect example of what I'm talking about. Okay, I'm making  several typos now, time to wrap this up. Hope you're all staying well rested (unlike me)! 
xx, Zoe.

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  1. Love the hunter green sweater! Pretty as always!
    -Vivian from stylemeendless

  2. Not regretting blog hopping today as Ive already seen my favourite blogger of the day! <3 your blog is amazing, and my name is Ena! im from japan and im also 17 years old! hope we can be friends!

    love always, Ena
    thatgirl-e.blogspot.jp ❤️

  3. that pine green colour looks soo good on you! and yay for florals in fall ;)

    Metallic Paws

  4. Cool outfit, like the colour & structure of your top!
    Naomi, x