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It's been awhile...wait, that's an understatement. It's been over a month since I last put up a blog post, tisk tisk Zoe. Summer break is right around the corner which means school has been hectic as, well, I think you get the picture. I've had so many projects and tests due, especially in Math (aka my worst subject) and when I'm not busy doing homework, I'm mainly just being a lazy butt on the couch watching New Girl or Awkward (which I'm currently doing right now while typing this). It's also been really rainy and crappy outside, preventing me from taking photos or filming outside, which sucks, but it's finally starting to clear up just in time for Prom, which is actually tomorrow. I'm extremely excited to dance all night with my girls and take tons of ridiculously cheesy photos. Thinking about posting some photos from Prom? Not sure if it'd be interesting, my dress is actually pretty plain due as a result of my procrastination of looking for a prom dress. Well, that's all for now, hope you all have a nice sunny weekend! 
xoxo, Zoe. 

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  1. yay! I'm glad your back! Prom photos please!!! :)

  2. looking forward for your prom photos! ;;)

    cheer, michelle

  3. Math is probably my worst subject too haha, good luck with school and yay for New Girl :)