It's finally starting to warm up here on the East Coast which means shedding all of the winter layers. It's been in the high 40's and 50's and it's freaking amazing. I love the warm weather because it means I can bust out my crop tops and shorts with some cool shades. What do you guys love about spring? (:  

Also, can we just agree that I am the worst blogger ever? It's been ridiculously long since I've last posted, but Junior year is seriously kicking my butt. All the exams, essays, and not to mention prepping for the SAT's, my body has been through such an emotional roller coaster this past month and probably during this next month to come. But I'm currently on Spring Break which gives me a little time to relax and post some outfits for you guys so stay tuned! 
xoxo, Zoe.

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  1. The UO Tribal shirt!! SO cute :)

  2. loved the outfits, you're so pretty! :)